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Governor Brian Sandoval today signed a Proclamation declaring the 2016 – 2017 school year the Year of STEM education in Nevada at Sparks High School. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The Year of STEM is a statewide initiative that will be spearheaded by the Governor’s Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT).

“Across Nevada, we’re witnessing innovation and technology improve traditional industries like mining and hospitality. Additionally, Nevada has become a testing ground for advancements in aviation, environmental and healthcare research, and autonomous vehicles,” said Governor Brian Sandoval. “The Year of STEM will provide a platform for our students to learn more about the pathways to the most exciting careers in the new Nevada economy. The jobs that will be available when our students graduate from college may not even exist right now but a strong grasp of core STEM concepts will best prepare them today for the exciting industries of tomorrow.”

In addition to formally launching the Year of STEM through a signed Proclamation, the Governor and the Brian Mitchell, OSIT Director announced three ways for students, educators, schools, and families to learn more about the initiative and actively participate.

STEM Website

The Nevada STEM Hub is a comprehensive career guide to Nevada’s most exciting STEM jobs. The Year of STEM statewide events calendar and resources for teachers and parents will be housed on the website. Nevadans are encouraged to visit the website to learn about resources available by county and gain a better understanding of local STEM resources and career pathways.

Nevada K-12 STEM Challenge

The Nevada K-12 STEM Challenge is about engaging local students to help solve some of Nevada’s biggest challenges. Throughout the Year of STEM, the Governor has invited every student and teacher in Nevada to think about statewide problems outlined below and present their solutions at student recognition events that will be held in May. More information can be found on the STEM Hub website.

  • Drought and Water Conservation
  • Cybersecurity
  • State Parks
  • Land Use
  • Clean Energy
  • Environment
  • 21st Century Learning
  • Drones
  • Modern Transportation/Infrastructure/Autonomous Vehicles

Governor’s STEM School Seal Announcement

This Governor’s STEM School Seal will be given to schools in Nevada that demonstrate exemplary performance in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. All schools are encouraged to apply to receive this designation. Details can be found on the STEM website.

The statewide Year of STEM education initiative seeks to

Raise Awareness: The Year of STEM with help raise awareness and build a stronger understanding of what careers are available for those with STEM skills, and what the State is doing to prepare students for those careers. This initiative seeks to raise the level of STEM literacy among the populace generally, and among parents, students, teachers, businesses specifically.

Reduce the Skills Gap: Job requirements in the new Nevada economy will likely have a greater focus on STEM skills. This initiative seeks to encourage more students at all levels of education to study STEM and graduate with the skills to meet the needs of employers across Nevada.

Increase Equity and Access: Across the nation, minorities and women are underrepresented in STEM-based career fields. This initiative will seek out and highlight individual Nevadans pursuing STEM careers who can serve as role models for students of all backgrounds and inspire these students to study STEM. The Year of STEM will help educate Nevada’s students on programs in their schools and communities where they can access STEM opportunities and will also help students learn about career pathways and understand the necessary steps to succeed in a STEM profession.

STEM Themes

Each month during the Year of STEM will have a dedicated theme connected to a STEM industry sector. OSIT will host monthly events across Nevada featuring local companies, local schools, institutions of higher education, and career pathways. Below are the different monthly themes.

  • September: Year of STEM Launch
  • October: Advanced Manufacturing & Construction Careers
  • November: STEAM/Creativity
  • December: Coding/Computer Science/Cyber Security & Mining
  • January: Renewable Energy
  • February: Gaming
  • March: STEM Education/Teaching
  • April: Engineering
  • May: Healthcare & Student and School Recognition Events

At this signing event, Governor Sandoval and OSIT hosted innovative companies that showcased their products and technology to students at Sparks High School. This provided the students, teachers, and staff with the opportunity to learn about how employees of local businesses currently use the STEM disciplines in their jobs.


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