Teaching and Professional Development Resources in Nevada

View of Reno, Nevada, with the University of N...

View of Reno, Nevada, with the University of Nevada, Reno campus in the foreground. (ca. 1982–1993) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where can I find Teaching Resources and Professional Development Support in Nevada?
The information on this page is helpful to University of Nevada, Reno Pre-service Teachers and Nevada Teachers. You may find similar resources  in your state or city.

The Learning Resource Center at the University of Nevada, Reno
The Learning Resource Center has state of the art Math Resources. These are great resources for research papers, planning and teaching lessons for practicums, student teaching and even after that! The materials include journals, books (research on math topics, literature, lesson ideas, research etc.), lesson planning resources, manipulatives, videos and much more. This library is updated every semester with the latest materials that becomes available. These resources are available to students and Washoe county teachers.

Washoe County School District –Department of Curriculum and Instruction (Reno, Nevada)

This website is the link to Washoe County School District Department o Curriculum and instruction mathematics Department. It outlines the district vision for math instruction. Click on the math link. It provides additional links to: Standards, Curriculum, Instructional Resources, Assessment, Adopted Core Materials, Parents and Community.

Clark County School District, Las Vegas Nevada

This website is a link to the Clark County Mathematics and Instructional Technology page. There is a link to the BLAST Project that has some great lesson ideas that you can try related to the Common Core Standards.

Most states have regional professional development centers to help teachers grow professionally. These centers offer professional development opportunity to teachers and support to you as a teacher. Here is the link to Nevada’s professional development programs. It also has links to resource and PD opportunities.
Northwestern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program

Northeastern Nevada Professional Development Program

Southern Nevada Professional Development Program


The Nevada Department of Education has information on Nevada Mathematics Standards. Under the Resource tap, look at the grade level documents, the mathematics standards listed are the Common Core standards, and it also has a link for transition documents as well. The transition documents compare the Common Core with the previous Nevada State Standards. This is helpful for teachers to know what the differences in the Standards are in relation to the previous Nevada Standards.


The following book store in Reno has special sales for teachers.

Grassroots book store


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