Cover of "How People Learn: Bridging Rese...

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Our ultimate goal as educators is to support student learning. Therefore, it is helpful to examine various research on learning theories on how learning happens.


Research from the Life Center  Dr. John Bransford

Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center


Note: Read these books online  (Free)

Cover of "How Students Learn: History, Ma...

Cover via Amazon

How  People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School: Expanded Edition (2000)

How Students learn Mathematics in the Classroom: National Academies Press

Adding it Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics (National Research Council.)


Knowledge-Learning-Instruction (KLI) Framework

How we learn math-The beauty fo Math

Dan Meyer- TED Talk- Math Class needs a makeover

Ken Robinson-TED talk- How schools kill creativity

Links to 50 Most Influential Psychologists/Thinkers whose work has implications for learning 

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