Why Think About The Process Of Teaching To Improve Learning

Check out the Whole Class Discussion framework that reduces this process into 3 pages! This makes teaching much easier! Click on the Whole Class discussion framework link on this blog.

Whole Class Mathematics Discussions

Improving Teaching by Focusing on the Whole Process of Teaching and Not Just Parts! Teaching is a complex process; it is more than just asking perfect questions, or getting students to talk to other. Think of a car engine, if we only have few working parts of the engine or even missing parts, the car won’t run. Similarly, we need to think about the whole process to support students’ mathematical learning. ( I highlighted learning because it is so easy to forget this part during the process of teaching. Many times as a teacher, I get caught up on getting through the activities of teaching and forgetting to think about what my students are learning or need to learn. I made this note to keep reminding myself to make learning the center of my decision-making.) So what is the big picture to support mathematical learning? The Common Core standards outlines…

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